LUFF on Tour / Japan 2010

From the 12th to the 29th of April, the LUFF is touring Japan with Swiss musicians and a selection of short movies.

Musical Program


Sounds, the sounds comes in and comes out, they can affect us, a lot, or not, so… Let's get into the Sound for spontaneous soundscapes… Enjoy, or not.


Syndrome WPW

Disease. Curse. Italy. Heavy metal. Bontempi. Destructive introvert, urban epileptic: Syndrome WPW's electronic laptopless show includes tragedy, neurosis and bullets.


En Pire

Harsh noise consanguineous duo, improvised by Sébastien Vigne (aka Schlimmer) and Thibault Walter (aka Schlimmer). Confused into the saturation of the entertainement and information empire's markets, En Pire performs the electric insecure matter digging useless holes and increasing cracks through illusions of the real time accelaration. Body hacking, circuit bending and efx bombing.


Overload Collapse

A Nicolas J. Fasnacht & Nikola Mounoud music project.


Short Film Program (72min.)

Les souffrances d’un oeuf meurtri - Roland Lethem, 1967, BE


Roland Lethem is born in 1942, in Belgium heʼs a filmmaker and writer. He's considered as a huge influence and a cult underground movie director.

Thrust in Me - Richard Kern & Nick Zedd, 1985, US


Richard Kern is born in 1954 in North Carolina,heʼs a New York underground filmmaker, writer and photographer. He first came to underground prominence in the East Village of New York City in the 80s, with erotic and experimental films featuring underground personalities of the time such as Lydia Lunch, David Wojnarowicz, Sonic Youth, Kembra Pfahler, and Henry Rollins. 

Nick Zedd is born in1958 or 1959 Maryland, heʼs an filmmaker and author based in New York City. He coined the term Cinema of Transgression in 1985 to describe a loose-knit group of like-minded filmmakers and artists using shock value and black humor in their work. Under numerous pen names Zedd edited and wrote the Underground Film Bulletin (1984-90) which publicised the work of these filmmakers. The Cinema of Transgression is explored in Jack Sargeant's book Deathtripping Creation Books.

Terror! – Ben Rivers, 2007, US


Ben Rivers is born in 1972 in Somerset and lives in London, heʼs a filmmaker has been experimenting since he studied at Falmouth School of Art in the late 90s. He works almost self sufficiently, filming exclusively in 16mm using a windup Bolex and hand processing. His films bring early cinema to mind, revealing mythical worlds and extraordinary characters which lie beneath the surface of the so-called real. Working alongside Michael Sippings, he runs the Brighton Cinematheque organising screenings, planning touring programmes and DVD releases. Amongst many ongoing projects,

Burn – Reynoldd Reynolds & Patrick Jolley, 2002, US


Reynold Reynolds was born in 1966 in Central Alaska. During his undergraduate schooling at the University of Colorado, Boulder, Reynolds initially studied physics receiving a bachelor's degree. Changing his focus to studio art he remained two more years in Boulder to study under experimental film maker Stan Brakhage. Reynolds then finished an M.F.A. in New York City at the School of Visual Arts. Influenced early on by philosophy and working primarily with 16mm and Super 8mm film as an art medium he has developed a common film grammar based on transformation, consumption and decay.

Film surprise….

Extended Short Films Program (63min.)

Formal and Informal Mechanisms, Vol.2: The Impact of the Concept of Culture on the Concept of Men - Marco Bowald & Jean-Claude Campell, 2003, CH

Leave All Shiny Objects Behind, You Won't Need Them Where We're Going - Thierry Kupferschmid, 2007, CH

Hanna Krank, Eisessen am Napalmenstrand – Michel Teuber, 2007, CH

Formal and Informal Mechanisms, Vol.3: Kinesic Polymorphisms Within Internal Flows of Relatedness - Marco Bowald & Jean-Claude Campell, 2004, CH

Yellow Fever – Frédérick Maheux, 2008, CA

Extase de chair brisée – Pierre-Luc Vaillancourt & Frédérick Maheux, 2005, CA

Formal and Informal Mechanisms, Vol.6: Betwixt Liminal Transition and Paracompact Convergence - Marco Bowald & Jean-Claude Campell, 2006, CH

Le tour, les lieux, les dates….

12.04.2010 / Loop-line, Tokyo - http://www.loop-line.jp / LUFF music program

17.04.2010 / Sample White Room, Nara - http://samplewr.exblog.jp / LUFF music program

18.04.2010 / Float, Osaka - http://float.chochopin.net/ / LUFF Short Films Program

19.04.2010 / Kata-kamuna, Kobe - http://www.kata-kamuna.jp / LUFF Music Program

21.04.2010 / Workshop at the Otemae University, Kobe - http://www.otemae.ac.jp/english/ / LUFF music and Extended Short Films Program

25.04.2010 / Uplink, Tokyo - http://www.uplink.co.jp/factory/log/003523.php  / LUFF xtended Short Films Program

27.04.2010 : à Urga, Tokyo – http://www.urga.net / LUFF music and Short Films Program

29.04.2010 : au Super-deluxe, Tokyo – http://www.super-deluxe.com / LUFF music


With the support of Pro Helvetia