John Waters Does LUFF!

The Lausanne Underground Film & Music Festival is back home! Heartened by the success of our Tokyo event in May which featured the most prestigious jewels of Swiss counterculture, we're preparing to reassert our filial love for the LUFF's birthplace and take over our own little town from 17th to 21st October 2012 with yet another public display of indecency.

Headlining the festivities are John Waters (both on screen and on stage), the scathing return of Kim Gordon (ex-Sonic Youth), an homage to film-maker Christoph Schlingensief, the Chinese sound artist Yan Jun, and a special performance by grindcore exponents Brutal Truth. 

Cinema: A Divine Encounter In A 'Filthy World'

Swiss audiences have until now been denied the honour of welcoming the cult moustachioed figure of American independent cinema John Waters - well, good things come to those who wait! Unwilling to limit himself to the simple presentation of his classics, he's taking on the stage of the Capitole with his one- man show This Filthy World - a Swiss Film Archive collaboration in the form of a tribute to his very own mob of characters and idols, among which his muse, the late Divine. His relentless seductive power, corrosive wits and eloquence will captivate fans and neophytes alike to the point of chronic contamination. A comical underworld mass - no doubt the bad boy from Baltimore will set the tone for this eleventh edition!

Music: Obscure Noises and Exotic Subtleties

The variety of the music section also portends some collateral damage... big sound, noise music, more sounds, and a fair helping of performance shows. The festival has acquired a reputation for its international collaborations, which always bring their load of surprises. Expect some rough encounters with the invisible: these people can pick up the voices of the dead and capture the substance of far-away rituals; or use and abuse the audience as an electric current. And in the centre of this year’s musical landscape sits Yan Jun, figurehead of the Chinese experimental scene.

The Lausanne Underground: The Cling-On Review

The festival’s latest offspring, a self-begat and self-critical, disrespectful and penniless little newspaper, intends to challenge the quiet flow of local news, starting this summer. It will be made available all over the place locally, leading fans, journalists, and those with an inquisitive mind up to the start of this 11th edition of the LUFF.

Full Programme in our Number 2, end of September !

(Download the Lausanne Underground Number 1 here)