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The LUFF Audio Enforder Vol.3

This Ain't No Flamenco Music

  1. Tony Conrad & Keiji Haino
    Live at LUFF 2009 (Extract)
  2. Kania Tieffer
  3. Unas
    Le soir seul
  4. Scorn
    B F N Crawl
  5. Norbert Möslang
  6. Les poissons autistes
    Une fille sur le divan
  7. Jankenpopp
    D I W
  8. Bacalao
    I'm Still Alive
  9. Michael Gendreau
    Themis Casino de Montbenon

The LUFF Audio Enforder Vol.2

Confessions of an Elbow Sucker

  1. Les poissons autistes
    Kandersteg Poum Tsa
  2. Haswell & Hecker
    Acid for Franz Graff
  3. DJ Elephant Power
    Coup Explosion
  4. Cursor Miner
    Life's Deepest Purpose
  5. Sydrome WPW
    Aces High
  6. Dave Phillips
    Drinking Song from the Tomb
  7. Sum Of R
    Requiem for a Liar
  8. Ilios
    I Wanna Hold You so Much
  9. Dave Phillips
    Kill Yourself
  10. Skullflower
    Adoration of the Pagan Wall of Sound
  11. Low On High
    I Dunno (live)

The LUFF Audio Enforder Vol.1

A Tribute to Our Bleeding Ears

  1. Cécile Babiole
  2. Laurent Dailleau
  3. Les poissons autistes
    Le placenta qui pendouille
  4. Phroq
    Testing Waves
  5. Shadow Huntaz
    We Walk
  6. Slope
    The Killing of a Tree
  7. The Merj Experience
    Three Extracts